Spanish Master Championship


The Mallorcan town of Llucmajor, home of the 2020 Spanish Junior and Master Championship, today held the online tests for the different men's master categories, distributing a total of eight ‘red-equiped’ jerseys.

The day began at 9:00 am with the appointment for the Masters 50 and 60, who faced two laps of the Balearic circuit until completing 67.2 kilometers.

The race would break around the equator, when Juan Carlos Delicado, Santiago Molina, Manuel Moreno, Juan M. Toribio, Jordi Codony, Salvador Lozano and Iñigo Larrañaga jumped out of the peloton producing a cut that would ultimately be the final cut for

dispute the victory.

Jordi Codony, Manager of Sismic Active Wear S.L, was the strongest in the sprint of his Master category.

Thus he took the title and the state victory in a weekend marked by cycling.