Rally DAKAR 2024


Dakar Rally 2024.

Ford truck with an engine of more than 1000 hp and at the controls Albert Llovera accompanied by Margot Llovera as co-driver and Marc Torres as a mechanic integrated into the Fesh team Fesh has achieved a creditable 17th final position.

Huge satisfaction in the cabin of truck #619: “We are very happy to be in the final parc fermé. It has been very hard, we have gone through very difficult times, but we are here. “Goal accomplished!”

And this edition has been very hard for Albert Llovera and his team, since in the first stages he had to face physical problems for the driver and the occasional mishap related to the car. Even so, his competitive spirit made him fight until the end to finish the race and now he sees that all the work and sacrifice made have paid off.

From Sismic we congratulate you on your achievements and are motivated to continue helping you in all your projects.