Marc Cavendish with Sismic at the 3 DAYS BCD


Cyclist Marc Cavendish wears SISMIC in the 3 DAYS BCD.

Marc Cavendish, born on May 21, 1985 in the Isle of Man, has shone as one of the most outstanding cyclists of his generation. Since his professional beginnings in 2007, Cavendish has amassed an impressive number of stage wins at Grand Tours, World Championships and other prestigious competitions.

Known as the 'Manx Missile' and the 'British Train', Cavendish has repeatedly demonstrated his prowess in mass arrivals, outrunning his rivals with explosive speed and exceptional tactical skill. With more than 150 stage wins at events such as the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and the Tour of Spain, Cavendish has established himself as one of the most successful sprint cyclists of all time.