Lasse Norman Hansen, wearing the Sismic champion jersey, shines in the 3DBC Days race


At Sismic we celebrate the impressive performance of Lasse Norman Hansen at the recent edition of the 3DBC Days. The talented Danish cyclist demonstrated his skill on the bike and his indisputable class, wearing the iconic world champion jersey designed by our brand.

Hansen, recognized for his multiple world titles on the track, including the omnium, once again showed his dominance on the road during this demanding 3-day competition. His victory is not only a testament to his ability as an athlete, but also to the quality and performance of the clothing he used.

The Sismic world champion jersey, worn by Hansen during the race, represents excellence in design and manufacturing. Made with the best materials and technologies available, it offers a streamlined and comfortable fit, allowing riders like Hansen to achieve their peak performance without compromising comfort.

At Sismic, we are proud to have collaborated with Hansen and other elite athletes to develop apparel that meets the demands of high-performance cycling. Our constant commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to continue redefining standards in the cycling apparel industry.

With Lasse Norman Hansen's outstanding performance at the 3DBC Days and his wearing of the Sismic world champion jersey, we reaffirm our commitment to providing elite cyclists with the best clothing to achieve success in all competitions.