BMX Kids T-Shirt


The short-sleeved SISMIC KIDS technical shirt is an ideal choice for children's sports activities and competitions. Here are some highlighted features of this garment:

  1. High-performance Material: It is made entirely of 100% polyester, providing durability and resistance. Additionally, polyester is known for its quick-drying properties, helping to keep the wearer cool during physical activities.
  2. Fully Sublimable: The shirt is fully sublimable, meaning it allows for the printing of designs, graphics, or colors in entirety. This offers the possibility to customize the shirt with various designs and details.
  3. Athletic Design: The shirt's design reflects an athletic style, evident in the cut and quality of the fabric. This suggests that the garment is specifically designed for sports performance and comfort during competitions.
  4. Lightweight and Breathable: Thanks to its lightweight and quality fabric, the shirt is ideal for situations where mobility and comfort are required. The breathability of the fabric helps keep the body cool by efficiently managing moisture.
  5. Moisture Control: The fabric of the shirt provides exceptional moisture control, essential for maintaining comfort during intense activities by efficiently absorbing and releasing moisture.
  6. Tight Fit and Elasticity: Anatomic patterns, a tight fit, and fabric elasticity maximize breathability and freedom of movement. This allows the garment to adapt to the body comfortably and functionally.
  7. Minimal Seams: Seams have been minimized to prevent possible irritations during prolonged use. This contributes to the overall comfort of the garment, especially during competitions where optimal performance is crucial.

In summary, the short-sleeved SISMIC KIDS technical shirt offers a combination of features designed to meet the needs of children during sports activities, providing comfort, performance, and the option for customization through sublimation.

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