Maillot Skin New Unisex

Designed to provide comfort and optimal performance.

Key Features:

Technical Fabric: This jersey is made with technical materials that wick moisture and allow for quick sweat evaporation, helping to keep the cyclist dry and comfortable during exercise.

Aerodynamic Cut and Fit: The tight and aerodynamic design minimizes air resistance, which is essential for cyclists looking to maximize their performance.

Zipper: High-strength and durable IKK zipper.

Three Rear Pockets: At the back of the jersey, three open pockets allow you to carry small items such as food, tools, phone, etc., while cycling. The reinforced pockets prevent sagging when used.

Reflective Strip on the left side.

Short Sleeves: Laser-cut for an optimal fit on the upper arm.

Custom Design: In custom versions, a wide range of specific colors and logos that identify and distinguish you on your rides.

This jersey is an ideal companion for any cyclist's team, as it provides comfort, performance, and allows the body to stay cool and dry during long bike rides.

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