Integral jacket


For whatever modality you practice, Road, Cyclocross, Gravel, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, Aero, Endurance, winter training is possible even in the most unfavorable weather conditions. Equip yourself with several layers, each one of them the lighter the better it will make you enjoy the big time.

The right underwear plays an important role, a lighter one for medium temperatures, a thicker one for cold temperatures

 The Sesmic full-length jacket allows you to forget about the cold and focus on your training. Breathability and stretch are the main features, along with excellent insulation properties and balanced moisture management.

Road or mountain, the important thing is not to get cold. Given the low temperatures, often below zero, we must be prepared. The key is the correct thermoregulation of our body.

The cozy interior retains body heat, while the windproof exterior is unmatched in any adverse weather. Drizzle, fog or sunny, nothing can get through this fabric.

It has three large waterproof back pockets to store essentials.

Equipped with a YKK zipper, designed under the highest protection standards, they seal the openings against any inclement weather. Comfort is the key to this jacket, the perfect fit makes it an essential garment.

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