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Cycling shorts designed to provide comfort during long bike rides, made with technical materials that offer specific features to enhance the cyclist's performance and comfort.


Chamois: The cycling shorts have a technically manufactured chamois (padding) of Italian origin that offers great comfort to the cyclist, reducing friction and absorbing impacts.

Technical Fabric: They are made of technical materials that absorb moisture and allow for quick sweat evaporation, keeping the skin dry and preventing irritations.

Fit and Compression: The cycling shorts have a close-fitting design to minimize air resistance and avoid chafing. The compression applied in certain areas can improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.

Soft and Effective Suspenders: The shorts come with soft and effective suspenders to prevent them from sliding down while pedaling.

Flat seams

Cycling shorts are an essential garment for any cyclist as they significantly contribute to comfort and performance during bike rides, especially on long or intense routes. It is crucial to choose shorts that fit properly and are designed to meet the specific needs of each cyclist.

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