Pirate Bib - Man


The cycling pirata culotte is a type of cycling garment that has a medium length, usually reaching just below the knee. They are also known as "3/4 cycling shorts" or "3/4 cycling culottes." These garments are very popular among cyclists as they offer certain advantages compared to regular cycling shorts or full-length culottes.


Protection: By covering a more extensive part of the legs, they offer greater protection against the sun, wind, and elements.

Compression: The compression on the leg muscles can improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue during long bike rides.

Pad: Just like regular cycling shorts, pirata culottes come with Italian-origin chamois to provide comfort and protection while seated on the saddle.

Versatility: They are suitable for changing weather conditions, especially when it's cool in the morning or towards the end of the day, but the day warms up as it progresses.

Style: Many cyclists prefer the look of pirata culottes, which can be more flattering and stylish than shorter shorts.


The choice of cycling apparel, including pirata culottes, depends on the cyclist's personal preferences and the current weather conditions. It is essential to select clothing that provides comfort and adequate protection during your bike rides.

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