VIA DOMITIA Light Limited Edition Skin Jersey - Unisex


In Stock | Sizes: 3XS to 5XL

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Designed to offer optimal comfort and performance.

Main features:

Technical fabric: This jersey is made with technical materials that absorb moisture and allow rapid evaporation of sweat, which helps keep the cyclist dry and comfortable during exercise.

Streamlined Cut and Fit: Slim, streamlined design minimizes air resistance, essential for cyclists looking to maximize their performance.

Zipper: IKK of maximum resistance and durability.

Three rear pockets: On the rear of the jersey, three open pockets that will allow you to carry small objects such as food, tools, telephone, etc., while you are pedaling. Reinforced pockets that avoid a bag effect when using them.

Reflective strip on left side.

Short sleeves: Laser-cut for optimal adaptation to the upper part of the arm.

Personalized design: In the custom versions an endless number of specific colors and logos that identify you and distinguish you on your outings.

This jersey is an ideal teammate for any cyclist as it provides. comfort, performance and allows the body to stay cool and dry during long bike rides.