Pro Jacket Lite Wine Unisex H

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In winter cycling, it is essential to stay warm and protected against the cold, wind, and rain. The PROJACKET long-sleeve cycling jersey is a mid-weight or winter garment that comes with additional features to provide comfort and protection in adverse weather conditions. Some features you can expect in a long-sleeve winter cycling jersey include:

Thermal Fabric: It is made from thermal fabrics that retain body heat and provide additional insulation while remaining breathable in cold conditions. This model has an interior thermal insulation and comfort coating.

Long IKK Zipper: A long zipper for easy ventilation and temperature control.

Snug Fit: A close-fitting design helps reduce wind resistance and keeps warmth close to the skin.

Back Pockets: Like short-sleeve jerseys, it has three rear pockets for carrying food, tools, and other essentials.

Tight-Fit Sleeves: The sleeves are slightly longer and snugly fit with cuffs made from highly adaptable fabric to prevent cold air from entering the arms.

Reflective Elements: For increased visibility in low-light conditions.

Ergonomic Design: An ergonomic design helps maintain comfort in the riding position and reduces wind resistance.

Make sure to choose a jersey that suits the specific weather conditions in your area and meets your personal needs. You can customize it according to your preferences