Men's Swimsuit - OUTES



A men's competition swimsuit, fully customizable, designed to offer comfort, performance, and style in aquatic activities. Here is a detailed description of its features:


 Material and Technology

Material: Made of a high-quality blend of polyester and elastane, providing excellent chlorine resistance, durability, and a snug fit that facilitates swimming.

Technology: The fabric incorporates light compression technology that improves blood circulation and reduces muscle fatigue.


 Design and Fit

Cut: The slip design provides an anatomical fit that perfectly adapts to the male body, offering an optimal balance between coverage and freedom of movement.

Fit: Elastic waistband with adjustable drawstring ensures a secure and personalized fit.



Hydrodynamics: Designed to minimize water resistance and enhance speed. The swimsuit surface is smooth and water-repellent.

Flexibility: Allows complete freedom of movement, crucial for efficiently performing different swimming styles.


 Other Details

Chlorine Resistance: Special treatment to resist the damaging effects of chlorine, maintaining the swimsuit's integrity over time.

UV Protection: Materials with UV protection to shield the skin from the harmful effects of the sun during outdoor training and competitions.

Inner Lining: Soft and comfortable front lining for added support and coverage.


This slip-type swimsuit is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance while allowing for complete customization, making each piece a unique creation that can represent both the team and the individual swimmer.