ORIOL CARDONA - Skimo & Trail Running

Oriol Cardona Coll was born in Banyoles (Girona) on October 7, 1994. He is a professional athlete who practices two sports such as mountain skiing and trail running at a high level.

He has been a member of the Spanish mountain ski team since 2010 and has been achieving results at the international state level since then. In his record, victories stand out both in Junior, his 23 and senior. The most important have recently been victories in the Spring World Cup in the last two years, already accumulating six World Cups and some European Championships in their history.

He has also been practicing athletics and trail running since he was very young, but it was not until six years ago that he began to get results at an international level. From there, taking advantage of the form of mountain skiing, he has become the runner-up in the Sky Running world or third in the Golden Trail Series as well as third in the Trail Running world championships.